Issue 7

Studio visit Hackney

Philippe Malouin

Photos by phil dunlop Words by Tanja Pabelick
Philippe Malouin

Philippe Malouin’s studio is located in the London district of Hackney, found by heading north from trendy Shoreditch until the artistic murals give way to hastily sprayed graffiti, supermarket shoppers wear shell suits and microbreweries are replaced by greengrocers. Some say Hackney is the new Shoreditch, now gentrified to the point of theme-park quirkiness; others have a different opinion. Philippe Malouin, whose meteoric career has taken him from celebrated new talent to one of the foremost designers of our time within a mere decade, has his ­studio in a shared artists’ centre. The Canada-born London resident has amassed numerous accolades from the creative industry including Wallpaper Magazine’s 2018 Designer of the Year. A winding corridor takes us out of the perpetual London drizzle and into Philippe’s studio, filled with the scent of freshly sawn wood and paint. The long room houses a workshop, store-room and workplaces. But not for much longer; Philippe opens the interview by telling us of his plans to move to Shoreditch.



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