Issue 14 — Partnership

Harmonious design
for the wrist


NOMOS Glashütte

The flow of time is usually presented as a circle, with hands moving around a fixed centre in an ever-repeating journey day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute. But occasionally, watchmakers throw convention to the winds and turn to other forms of expression, experimenting with rectangular or square shapes to enhance the wrist. As NOMOS Glashütte has done with Tetra—in a recently launched a series of four new watches for the Tetra model family. You will experience something truly extraordinary, distinguished by special subtleties—like the rhodium-plated dial with a sunburst finish and a pink lacquered second hand, as featured in die Unerreichbare, (The Unattainable).


Tetra—Die Unerreichbare

Ref. 427 stainless steel back

Ref. 477 sapphire crystal glass back

NOMOS calibre Alpha, 3 atm.

This boldness has deeply rooted reasons. Mathematicians and designers alike have always been enthralled by the arcane bonds linking circle and square. The iconic Renaissance figure of Vitruvian Man displays both these elemental forms and embodies the perfect combination, uniting opposites in flawless harmony. NOMOS Glashütte does likewise. With its ultra-slim lines, cool design and dynamic colour accents, the Tetra is the ultimate expression of fascinating, harmonious design for the wrist.


Tetra—Die Fuchsteufelswilde

Ref. 425 stainless steel back

Ref. 475 sapphire crystal glass back

NOMOS calibre Alpha, 3 atm

Accents of refreshing colour


The angular cousin of the Tangente is a masterclass of minimalism. Numerals are sans serif, adding an invigorating touch of starkness. Tetra is also fearless in embracing contrasts; gleaming silvercut polish or delicate pink finishes are striking foils for second hands in mint, yellow or a shade of aubergine, as in the Fuchsteufelswilde (The Tempestuous).


The high-quality strap from soft, yet durable

vegan velour leather in velvet grey frames

the delicate colours of the watches in the most

beautiful way possible. It is breathable

and features rembordé edges.

Simply exceptional


Tetra is a statement for the wrist, a watch for individualists, anchored by a vegan suede strap in velvet grey. It is supremely comfortable to wear and conveys the deep confidence of having made the right choice. The Tetra’s accuracy is capably maintained by its NOMOS Alpha hand-wound movement, adjusted in six positions to ensure exceptional timekeeping. And the four names for the different colourways, embossed on the case backs, are equally exceptional: Tetra—Die Unerreichbare (The Unattainable), Tetra—Die Wildentschlossene (The Wildly Determined), Tetra—Die Fuchsteufelswilde (The Tempestuous) and Tetra—Die Kapriziöse (The Capricious).


Tetra—Die Kapriziöse

Ref. 424 stainless steel back

Ref. 474 sapphire crystal glass back

NOMOS calibre Alpha, 3 atm


Tetra—Die Wildentschlossene

Ref. 426 stainless steel back

Ref. 476 sapphire crystal glass back

NOMOS calibre Alpha, 3 atm 2023


Global presence


NOMOS Glashütte is one of just a handful of owner-operated watch manufacturers in the world, producing its mechanical timepieces in Glashütte, Germany. NOMOS watches like the Tangente, Ludwig, Orion, Club and Metro are world-famous. Like the place where they were made. Glashütte is a protected designation of origin. Only manufacturers working in accordance with strict rules in the 175-year tradition of this watchmaking centre may apply the designation to their products. No Glashütte-based manufacturer produces more mechanical watches than NOMOS Glashütte.