As clear as
a day at
the ocean

Words by Dr Oliver Herwig

The new Club Sport neomatik


The new Club Sport neomatik from NOMOS Glashütte translates aesthetics and precision into wearable form. With its striking, bold numerals and vivid polar blue or petrol green face with sunburst finish, this sporty watch is the newest member of the Club Sport family—and perhaps the most exciting. The stainless steel case with domed sapphire crystal is waterproof up to 20 atm, making the Club Sport neomatik a trusty companion during swimming and diving. Its bracelet of polished and satin-finish metal links adjusts to give a close fit to the wrist. The striking design is effortlessly assertive, yet avoids being excessively masculine. The Club Sport neomatik takes a no-fuss approach to case-wall thickness or other complexities, and is thus also ideal for slimmer wrists. It’s simple, straightforward and as clear as a day at the ocean, as well as attractively light.


The new Club Sport neomatik from
NOMOS Glashütte in polar ...

On the inside, the Club Sport neomatik features an ultra-flat automatic manufacturing movement with patented NOMOS Swing System, which offers an impressive 43-day power reserve. The movement is produced by NOMOS in Glashütte, a paradise for time travellers which celebrated 175 years of the watchmaker’s craft last year. Today the Saxony-based premium watchmaker is still a byword for combining tradition and cutting-edge technology. Glashütte, south of Dresden, is the epicentre of the art of German watchmaking. Over the years and decades, the skill and knowledge of the design engineers and craftspeople has been passed down, but also further honed and refined in every key detail. All that has remained constant is the soaring ambition, the insatiable urge to achieve perfection. The town of Glashütte may have only a few thousand inhabitants, but the watch movements and watches of a dozen or so renowned manufacturers which are made there travel throughout the entire world. NOMOS Glashütte products are themselves available in over 50 countries, with branches in Berlin, New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Como.


or petrol,
matching the wearer's style.

Crucial innovations


Club Sport neomatik is the latest creation in Saxony’s long tradition of mechanical watches. Founded in 1990, NOMOS Glashütte immediately carved out a distinguished image based on clear, Bauhaus-based faces and pared-back design. Today the company’s portfolio comprises eleven product families with a total of around 80 different models, including watches with stainless steel bracelets and mechanical calibres—some manually wound, some automatic—from the in-house production centre. The advance of modern quartz watches caused the development of these ‘watch motors’ to stagnate; seven years of fundamental research in partnership with the Fraunhofer Institute for Material and Beam Technology and TU Dresden followed, reinventing the very heart of mechanical watches for the modern age and bringing them alive. The resulting NOMOS Swing System escapement, which made its debut at the 2014 Baselworld trade show, breaks new ground in terms of efficiency and precision. Its most striking externally visible feature is its extreme compactness—just 3.2 millimetres deep (or 3.6 with date counter). Since that time, these newly developed calibres have borne an engraved DUW for ‘Deutsche Uhrenwerke’, the manufacturer’s designation for the assembly of balance, mainspring, pallet and escape wheel that forms the heart of a watch. These filigree masterpieces of engineering are designed in Glashütte in accordance with the highest standards of traditional craftsmanship and still assembled there today with passion, skill and expertise, as the company proudly announces in a vision that spans past, present and future.


Handmade in Germany

with absolute precision ...

The neomatik calibre (fusion of new and automatic) features the innovative NOMOS Swing System, the proprietary escapement of the brand. NOMOS Glashütte has received over 150 awards and distinctions for the design and quality of its watchmaking, including the prestigious Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève, the Red Dot ‘Best of the Best’ Award and the Good Design Award. The core of the company’s success is its focus on design, on pared-back essentials: simple and understated with utmost precision.


and a passion
for superb detail.

Uncompromising quality


Incidentally, ‘Glashütte’ is a protected designation, a kind of next-level ‘Made in Germany’. Originally introduced as a warning against substandard goods from the country, the latter label quickly underwent a turnaround and developed into a symbol of durability and reliability. However, it was not enough for Saxony—or, to be precise, the eastern Ore Mountains. ‘Glashütte’ stands for an almost fanatical dedication to precision and uncompromising quality, a kind of high-end mechanical engineering. To earn the ‘Glashütte’ label, a minimum of half the processes involved in creating the calibre must be performed locally. At NOMOS, this figure is up to 95 per cent. What carmaker could say the same? For NOMOS, this local focus means complete control over all quality standards—and the proof is its in-house escapement, first produced in 2014 and marking NOMOS Glashütte’s independence from Swiss manufacturers once and for all. The company’s specialists are a close-knit team of industrial and technical designers, engineers, regleurs, watchmakers and toolmakers, all uniting their skills and expertise to create special objects as everyday companions for women and men, for work and leisure, in the office or on board a boat. Or diving, as the 37-millimetre Club Sport neomatik ably demonstrates.


Innovation, made in Glashütte:
a genuine NOMOS Glashütte clockwork.