Issue 1


H O W   D O   W E   R E T H I N K   D E S I G N ?





Words by Frank Wagner

To engage with design means engaging with people, their needs and their lifeworlds. To engage with the future of design means identifying the original intention of design and reflecting on the reality of today. This leads to the realisation that the desire to design our surrounding environment has always been a part of life. Invention and development have always gone hand in hand with design. We have elevated design into being something special, but when viewed in this way it is in fact a part of everyday life.


All areas of life come together in design. Design is everywhere and can be decisive for the quality of our lifeworld, be it through architecture, mobility, communication, work, fashion or lifestyle as a whole, in both the analogue and digital worlds.


These days, we are often fascinated by the formal aspects that design delivers, such as the stylistic or innovative results. We are excited by its ability to be reinvented and how design shapes the zeitgeist. It interests us to know which style was conceived or evolved by which designer.

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