Issue 5

Cécile’s World

Cécile B. Evans

Photos by Matthias Ziegler Words by Kimberly Bradley

Multimedia Artist Cécile B. Evans presents an exhibition at the Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig (MuMoK), Vienna. 

Evans’ multimedia installations create experiences with a direct impact. It is striking how quickly one’s own relationships — both personal and with the Internet and social media — are called into question. Evans applies humanist benchmarks to a world which is per se meticulously controllable, a world which we have inhabited to date in the firm belief that we are free and independent.

I want

I want to change the world. It sounds wrong when I say it out loud.

I want to express my­self, but I can’t find the words. 

The titular protago­nist of Cécile B. Evans’ newest video work, Amos’ World, an­nounces his intentions in the 25-minute piece with these words, uttered in a fit of frustrated mega­lomania. Amos is a puppet with a fixed facial expression, and the architect of a completely engineered build­ing, a microcosm, a world.

The film is on view in Vienna’s Mumok as part of a larger installation, in which viewers enter a multi-story structure — something like a Brutalist housing estate in minia­ture–in front of the screen. Each sits alone in a cubicle, mirroring the single apartments in the work. They see Amos trying to create his world, complaining, in dialogue with an off-camera voice who identifies herself as the weather, that the building’s tenants aren’t behaving properly.  

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