Generation Ztoday aged 20are set to define the coming decades. How do they envisage the future?

Anyone born between 1995 and 2005 is part of Generation Z. They have been using digital technologies, SMS and mobile phones since childhood. They are digital natives. What is this generation’s mentality? What are their attitudes to life? Who are their role models? Nine 20-year-olds were asked three questions along these lines:


Media and Communication Management Student in Berlin


Essentially, my mantra is to enjoy each and every day and to make the most of life. Yes, there are sometimes reasons to be unhappy, but you just have to do your best to see the positives in everything. However, the biggest joy in life is making other people happy. That is why my main goal is to have a large family, spoil them and make them happy.


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Student at the Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance in Munich


I wouldn’t say I have one role model, but several. I find inspiration in a lot of people depending on their walk of life. My mother has always been my rock and I admire her for her strength, love and caring nature. She is truly the most positive, empathic and optimistic person I know, and is therefore a huge role model to me. I also find inspiration in a lot of friends of mine, teachers in school and great dancers all over the world. I am lucky enough to spend my days in a dance studio around people who give their all, and that motivates me to do the same. I am lucky enough to have the greatest friends who I know will always be there for me.

When I moved from Sweden to Germany, my life changed significantly. I met a girl who taught me to let loose in a way I couldn’t when I was living in Sweden. She made me dare not to think about the consequences of my actions and just live for the moment. For this reason, she is a big role model for me. After I decided to start living for myself I built up this wall between myself and other people, but she helped me to start tearing this wall down. In fact, she made me realise that this wall needed to be torn down and that it is OK to let people in. For that I am forever grateful, and she will continue to inspire me to be empathic and open-hearted, exactly as she is.


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Gian Frede

Apprentice in Frankfurt am Main


I am keenly following current research and developments in the fields of green energy, more efficient transportation for people, goods and new types of currency. For the end user, I don’t think the “digital world” of tomorrow will be all that great. We are becoming increasingly connected, which is not always a good thing. After all, our purchasing behaviour is the lifeblood of our economy and an increasing amount of resources are going into market research and the development of better advertising formulas. Ultimately though, this is only in order for them to sell us more of what they make us believe we need. The world of today is not going to change overnight and once it has, it will be nothing like how we imagine it now. Anyone who has researched what previous generations expected of today’s world 100 years ago knows this to be true.