Issue 13



Sina Port

Photos by Matthias Ziegler Words by Sarah Dorkenwald

The first time I saw Sina Port, she was on a spotlit stage holding a talk on purpose-driven brand building. Wearing a loose cream-coloured outfit that flattered her skin tone and a hijab, she spoke in quiet, yet emphatic tones about brand communication strategies. As she immediately explained, the fact that a brand’s reputation is no longer as important as its impact on the world is primarily due to Generation Z, who seek to see their own values reflected in the brands they choose. Companies must therefore move towards more purpose-driven brand activism, diversity, creativity and sustainability.

Sina Port is an entrepreneur, storyteller and strategist who pours passion and dedication into her consulting; her clientele spans global brands including adidas and BMW, but also startups embarking on their own journey to global status. Her philosophy of ‘shared diversity’ is also the name and focus of her podcast, highlighting the unique experiences of company founders and the power of diversity in business, branding and womanhood. I knew straight away that I wanted to find out more about her …

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