One World Flag

One World Flag by Thomas Mandl (photographer and activist), 133cm x 200cm, organza and decoration silk EUR 100 [EUR 84.03 excluding 19% VAT]. Made to order, delivery time c. four weeks.

100,00 €

nomad & One World Flag. Let’s make friends across the globe and create memories and stories of unity together. For this nomad issue we have 20 handcrafted One World Flags, made in Bavaria, that we aim to send around the globe to our readers as part of the established ambassador program. We will send you a One World Flag wherever you are in the world, so that you can experience your own story of unity or display the flag at the place on Earth where you feel at home. After some weeks you will receive another address, and all you have to do is to send the flag, folded in a small envelope, to that address. Who knows where on Earth you will receive your flag from? Send an email to to get in the loop! The flag consists of a blue dot, the symbol for our home the blue planet. The semi-transparent background of the flag means it is always changing, like our planet; we can see a changing world through the flag. Flying the flag enables us to see our common home, the blue planet, as well as our own home on Earth through the transparency.


We can envision One World Flags hanging everywhere on this earth as a symbol of unity, open borders and peace.

We can envision a one world flag becoming a symbol of unity, used at anti war demonstrations.

We can envision a one world flag as a symbol of wise usage of resources and respect for the one planet that we all share and that we need to protect for the generations to come.

We can envision a one world flag as a symbol of free movement on our planet not based on your nationality, origin, color, gender, religion, belief, social status, wealth or place of residency.

We can envision a one world flag as a sign of connectivity and love for our planet and all the flora and fauna sharing it with us humans.

We can envision a one world flag becoming a symbol for the generation that is sick of the slow changing processes, watching the world collapse and finally taking a stand against the exploitation of other humans, animals, nature and our sensible planet for the sake of profit for others.

We can envision one world flags flapping in the wind on government buildings, on boats, on private houses and garden posts.

Our vision is linked to „a“ One World Flag and not „the“ or „our“ One World Flag, as this whole Symbol is more than just one Design or our design. If we serve as a trigger for a future One World Flag it is all we want. Because the whole concept of the One World Flag is more than just our approach with a blue circle in the middle and a changing background.

Call us naive, call us dreamers.

If you tell us that we can’t change the world we will tell you: we will.

100,00 €