Nomads are always on the move. Their destination: a good life. nomad magazine epitomises this unceasing journey to explore a better future. In doing so, we tread in the footsteps of design. Along the way, five beliefs are our companions. They transform the magazine into an active platform, a meeting-place for everyone whose ideas help us all to work together on shaping and, ultimately, achieving this precious future.





We believe in a world that makes it possible for everyone to live a good life. It is our heartfelt conviction that design, in all its multifaceted diversity, is a discipline that shapes our world in a positive way, with the potential as yet undeveloped to the full to make a sustainable contribution to shaping our future.






We are an interface between the future and the present. We anticipate future-facing developments in new technologies, new societal trends, new forms of living and accompany them as they evolve, identifying their challenges and, against this backdrop, addressing their impact both on global society and on the world of the individual.






We are engaged in a dialogue with the global creative community the designers, architects, artists, authors, scientists and entrepreneurs who devote their force of inspiration, their wealth of ideas, their knowledge, their talent and their creativity to constantly improving existing aspects of life.




Seeing the world through the eyes of design means studying it, shaping it and passing it on with a view to the present and future needs of humanity. A new understanding of design involves adopting an integrated perspective that extends beyond our aesthetic and function-focused understanding of today and embraces a new future-facing and holistic design culture.






We are the voice for everyone seeking to make a difference in order to shape our world. We shine spotlights, bring individual voices together into one great voice, and thus equip good ideas with the attention they need to reach the wider world. In addition, we are a stage for the people, brands, companies and initiatives that seek to interact with these individuals and join them in dialogue.