Issue 8 — Partnership

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Baby Overall Body,

Baby Clothing

This knitted wool baby overall comes with pompoms and pearl shell buttons. FUB makes sustainable knitwear from OEKO-TEX® certified merino wool and GOTS certified organic cotton. Their aesthetic is rooted in Nordic countries, so their designs are very classic and subtle, which is hard to find for kids’ clothing.

Shirt Mix Checked


This checked mahogany shirt is made from certified organic cotton and almost instantly inspires ideas about when to wear it. A casual day at work, perhaps? This shirt is made for it. AIAYU also offers a repair service for its garments to extend their longevity. I love seeing how a product just makes sense holistically.

WÄSTBERG w152 busby


The Wästberg 152 busby is an electronic lamp that provides power for three USB outlets, detecting charging requirements and managing them at their fastest rate, no matter how many and what kind of devices are plugged in. It is a very simple design, super-useful and tellingly timely.

Andreas MurkudisBerlin

Andreas Murkudis operates the trendsetting concept stores 77, 81 and 98 in Potsdamer Strasse, Berlin. The spacious stores present curated selections of lifestyle objects, accessories, fashion and interior design concepts. 

Pockets Sweater Clothing


This heavy-duty zip jumper is made from 100% merino wool and produced in Italy. ANDERSEN-ANDERSEN products hardly age. They not only keep you warm but are super-durable too.

Soil Scent Diffuser
and Dialogues

Interior & Book

Copenhagen-based all-rounder FRAMA just introduced the Soil Scent Diffuser. This is a natural object in quite a sensual shape, to which scent is applied in order to diffuse it throughout your space. Furthermore, FRAMA’s book Dialogues is a great manifesto of creative interrelations and idea-sharing in the design industry.



Cecilie Bahnsen’s dresses are outstanding. Her designs are reminiscent of traditional costume and yet have so much individual character. I found it absolutely fascinating to see how dresses featuring puff sleeves, bows and embroidery can create such an emancipated look.



The Karakter Lari Lamp was designed by Angelo Mangiarotti in 1978. It is mouth-blown in a single piece and seems to have more in common with architecture than with a design piece. Despite its rather sculptural and industrial look, it spreads light beautifully and subtly, so it is one of the most outstanding light pieces I have ever encountered.



Rampa is a multifunctional station on wheels which was designed by the Castiglioni brothers in 1965. It can be moved around or fixed in place and used as storage space, a bookshelf or a desk. It is one of those pieces of furniture that somehow manages to be in constant use.

PAUSTIAN Modular Sofa


Designed by Erik Rasmussen in 1969, the Paustian Modular Sofa is among my favourite sofa designs. It is super-simple, yet perfectly shaped and actually very comfortable. We sell it upholstered with Kvadrat/Raf Simons fabrics; in this case it comes in a dark green 100% mohair velvet called Byram 981.


Moss Green Special Edition for




Aage and Kasper Würtz are the father-and-son studio ceramicist duo K. H. Würtz,  who manufacture their hand-thrown and hand-glazed designs in the small provincial city of Horsens in Denmark. This moss-green special edition by the Danish ceramicists is limited to 400 pieces and was exclusively made for us. The pieces feature a pellucid new glazing that is a distinctive departure from their well-known earthy tones.



SOPHIE BILLE BRAHE’s jewellery is all made in Italy and sold with a certificate. This 18K yellow gold ring is impeccably elegant and yet has a certain dynamism. I’ve always admired her sense of proportion. The GRACE ring can be combined with other BRAHE rings with the same shape.

WÄSTBERG w102 chipperfield


The Wästberg w102, designed by David Chipperfield, is a brass desk lamp that draws attention to the distinct differences in the classic structure of a lamp: the base, the arm and the head. I feel there is something very liberating about such a simplified approach.